Who We Are

With decades of experience specific to successfully helping folks like yourself through their career challenges, the careerSHOUT! Founders have held numerous leadership roles in several impressive and diverse companies. Using the skills we acquired servicing a wide-range of companies from Fortune 500’s to non-profit organizations, “Mom & Pop Shops” as well as global corporations, we boast the experience and wisdom required to meet your needs. And, what we don’t have immediately available at the tips of our fingers, our friends do! That means when you join careerSHOUT!, not only do you have access to our collective experience, but the additional knowledge and know-how of our wide-ranging network of professional Insiders.

Your careerSHOUT! Insiders have literally helped thousands of people start, grow and manage their careers. We are not outsiders simply making random observations or comments – we are seasoned and up-to-date experts ready and willing to share our secrets to help YOU be successful!

Why careerSHOUT! was set in motion

careerSHOUT! originated as a result of our Founders’ passion to create a new way to inspire and guide people who were either seeking to find or change their career paths; or, improve the quality of the path they were on. Of course, that is only the tip of the iceberg...

After years of leadership roles in the corporate world, Aziz Chowdhurdy, Dawn Cooper, and Michael Pupillo found their way to each other – realizing they held many common beliefs about what was truly important and necessary to help real people find rewarding careers in a competitive marketplace and remain truly satisfied with their careers on an ongoing basis. Realizing that many employees strive to overcome challenges associated with managing their own careers, the trend for self-sufficiency became evident. Businesses continue to accept less responsibility for the successful careers of their employees and shift it onto the individuals themselves. In addition, precious few corporate resources are available to help. The trend for self-sufficiency is evident.

After witnessing these trends and recognizing they were aligned on so many critical issues, our Founders agreed that now is the time to create a place, process and support system for those seeking assistance with their careers.

In other words, careerSHOUT! was intuitively born from folks who have “been there”, with a primary goal to provide straightforward advice to people who are ready to take control of their own careers, along with access to the tools and resources people can apply in the real world – all while satisfying their "inner career spirit."

Our values are simple, but meaningful:

Keep it simple. Keep it honest. Keep it accurate:

There is a great deal of information to access about how to get a job or manage your career. Some of it’s good. Some of it’s not so good. Our approach and advice originates from basic facts, not casual observations. Take a look at our bios and you will see for yourself that we have the experience and savvy to communicate directly, meaningfully and truthfully about all aspects of your career journey.

Provide high value at a reasonable price:

careerSHOUT!'s value is driven by the quality of the information, tools and results we deliver. As Insiders, we know what goes on "behind the scenes" and we’re willing to help you establish a plan to navigate successfully through any potential obstacles you may encounter. Our pricing options are driven by our desire to make sure that information is accessible to the widest audience possible.

A safe environment is important:

One small mistake could mean the difference between unemployment and landing the career of your lifetime; and many of us don’t have someone we can run our interviewing techniques past, or obtain advice from who really has the know-how. We want careerSHOUT! to be THAT PLACE where careerSEEKERS feel comfortable to ask anything without worrying about the impact. Any missteps here are learning experiences, not “Career Limiting Moves”!

Everyone is welcome. Everyone should feel valued:

Many people come to careerSHOUT! feeling poor about themselves, or defeated. careerSHOUT! is about helping our members feel empowered – regardless of who they are or what they’ve been through. We’ve designed our services to help everyone recognize and leverage their unique strengths; because feeling confident is essential to achieve success.

Give back, give back, give back:

careerSHOUT! employs a powerful commitment to give back to the communities we serve. Through our revenue sharing partnerships, we are able to redirect a percentage of our profits back to the educational institutions with whom we partner. Additionally, a percentage of our profits will also be reinvested to help create internship opportunities.

... because your career demands attention ...

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