Andrea Coughlin Rowley

Andrea Coughlin RowleyAndrea is one of careerSHOUT!’s trusted advisors. With over 20 years of combined Human Resource Management experience, serving as a Vice President for Schlumberger/Smith International (SSI) and Direct Energy, completely redesigning the global human resources function for Baker Hughes and leading HR efforts at Frito Lay, she is someone upon whom we can rely on for balance and insight. In addition, Andrea is a licensed attorney, member of the American Bar Association and State Bar of Texas, and certified mediator. She earned a Global Professional in Human Resources certification which reflected in her success at Schlumberger, where she helped lead HR integration for their global merger. Andrea has enjoyed creating “win/win” employment environments for many and intends on making that one of her personal crusades at careerSHOUT!.

Of all her professional accomplishments and various awards over the years, Andrea is most proud of the Elmer Doolin Award (for Best-Performing Operations) at Frito-Lay, as well as her Inroads Champion Award in California in 2001.

Dawn Peller

Dawn PellerDawn is one of careerSHOUT!’s valued Advisors, with a powerful and diverse global human resources background. Over the course of her career, Dawn’s wide-ranging experience includes respected human resource organizations such as: Adecco, Zurich – during which time she was responsible for the development of human capital strategic plans and solutions; Manpower, Milwaukee – where she was accountable for development and execution of their Recruitment Process Outsourcing programs; and CDI and Kelly Services, as well. Dawn has traveled around the globe as a worldwide consultant helping international organizations manage their complex workforce needs and environments. This commanding and diverse human resources background blends perfectly with Dawn’s keen ability to value and nurture the unique strengths in every individual with whom she works and place them in the right position. She calls this "the thrill of making the perfect match”.

Dawn is very proud of her involvement with a global “think tank” of HR professionals. They work with 22 countries, various cultures, HR differences and still provide insight for all situations through their open exchange and sharing of knowledge. This meshes nicely with her Bachelor of Science in Global Business Management, about which she says, “I enjoy interacting with people from around the world…it helps me acquire a local country-by-country perspective.”

Dawn and her husband currently call Michigan home but have enjoyed traveling the world over. They spend their free time doing marathons and exploring new places.

Mary Claire Ryan

Mary Claire RyanMary Claire is an accomplished Human Resources consultant focused on meeting business and professional needs, while creating efficient ways to maximize success. She is valued as one of our trusted Advisors for many reasons, including her 20+ years of experience in Human Resources in the disciplines of recruitment, including "start-up" functions, building recruitment teams, and developing sourcing strategies. To add to that, Mary Claire enhances her resume of skills with a well-versed knowledge of recruitment technology and the ability to drive HR projects from concept to completion.

While working the in the corporate world at Abbott Laboratories, Mary Claire was awarded the “Staffing Professional of the Year” by the Chicago Employment Management Association (now called the Staffing Management Association). As Executive Vice President of Global Recruiting at, she lead the global eBusiness builder in a virtual "start-up" period of strong business expansion though the design and implementation of strategic recruiting initiatives and programs. From a global professional services firm such as KPMG Peat Marwick, to commercial banking / investment, and one of the most famous newspapers in America – the Chicago Sun-Times, Mary Claire has held progressively accountable positions, and built and managed teams of more than 200 professionals at one time – proving she can tackle any project, in any industry, of any size, with incredible ease and success – a true careerSHOUT! asset! “Building and creating is part of my DNA”, she simply states.

Among her many talents, Mary Claire is an accomplished painter. Interestingly, on the other side of the spectrum, we were pleasantly startled to discover that Mary Claire also excels at writing technical patents and dealing with government agencies, making her a truly outstanding and well-rounded addition to our team!

Nick Tubach

Nick TubachNick’s background is a rich combination of leadership and subject matter expertise, with a successful track record of growing and managing two businesses after a strong run within industry leading companies such as Enron, Talent Tree and National Instruments (NI). While Nick is first and foremost a businessperson, he understands the value of people and their contributions. Nick is an accomplished speaker and has published numerous articles on globalization of business and recruiting industry trends.

Originally from Germany, Nick made the USA his home and attended Texas Tech University, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, and then went on to pursue his MBA. He is multilingual, recognizing English as his third language. He serves on the board of two start-up software companies, the advisory board of DeVry, and has led a variety of technical seminars throughout the U.S., Europe and former Soviet Union during his days with NI and ASOMA.

Nick’s career is an inspiring story – from working for corporate employers to running his own business, he has been able to pursue his personal career dreams and bring them to fruition. Now, he is in the enviable position of being able to do what he loves.

Sandra Beno

Sandra was selected to serve as a careerSHOUT! Advisor for many reasons, including her over 14 years of experience solving complex business and performance issues. Focusing on people, processes and programs to improve individual, team and organizational performance, along with the expert communications to wrap around these efforts, Sandra has been recognized as an effective internal change leader and guide. The industries she has impacted with her innovative methods of strategic consulting are diverse, including oilfield services, energy, retail, management consulting, logistics and manufacturing – an overwhelming, diverse portfolio that we at careerSHOUT! could not overlook when seeking someone to bring value to our team.

Sandra is pleased to have been involved with the strategy work, process projects and development programs she has created over the years. Those who work closely with her say she inspires people to do their best and one of her strengths is leading and developing others by active listening and mentoring. The easy-going pace of the great outdoors is Sandra’s first love, but she also enjoys the big city. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Texas at Austin in Comunications / Advertising with additional studies in Cross-Cultural and Organizational Behavior. She is also Prosci and Birkman Method certified.

Terri Fitzpatrick

Terri FitzpatrickTerri is a classic American success story. With a career that has spanned at one company over 30 years, Terri has achieved what very few people can. Terri started her career at Owens-Illinois (O-I) on the company switchboard. Her hard work and persistence, coupled with a little bit of luck, earned her a top spot in the corporate ranks, eventually retiring from O-I from the role of Corporate Vice President, Global Talent Management. Her HR career began in the EEO department, where she worked in a number of different roles and was able to work on a variety of projects. One of her crowning achievements was being named O-I’s first female Vice President in a traditionally male-dominated industry!

With her extensive experience, it’s no surprise that Terri has been able to personally impact thousands of careers. With her no-nonsense approach, common sense mentality and caring heart, Terri’s words have surely resonated in many – impacting not just a moment in time, but their futures, as well. Oh – and in case you were wondering if all this meant Terri had to sacrifice a personal life, you would be wrong. While climbing the ladder to corporate success, Terri also found time to successfully raise a family and establish a singing career! The careerSHOUT! team considers ourselves lucky to enjoy the perspective she brings as one of our Advisory Board members.

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