Aziz Chowdhury, Founder / CEO

Aziz ChowdhuryAziz Chowdhury is a senior global talent management executive who has succeeded in numerous impressive roles such as vice-president of talent management at Owens-Illinois, director, global talent acquisition at Baker Hughes, and now Founder & Director of careerSHOUT!, just to name a few. Coupling his outstanding track record creating and perfecting HR processes and tools across over 90 countries with his passion for mentoring and guiding people to obtain their personal best, Aziz swiftly was recognized as a leader among his peers and within the global corporate community. His two decades plus of progressively noteworthy HR experience in multiple roles, coaching and hiring top talent for two Fortune 500 companies, as well as helping employers become more effective at selecting and developing their staff, inspired Aziz to create and build a place where people could unlock their potential and take control of their own careers.

Notwithstanding his impressive accomplishments, Aziz maintains a solid, “grass roots” perspective on life and is passionate about championing the underdog. “I strongly believe that careerSHOUT! is the right tool for many people whose career paths may normally be ignored by Corporate America”, Aziz says with conviction. He continues, ”There is too much talent that is overlooked just because ‘the rules of the game’ aren’t shared…now, with the help of careerSHOUT!, everyone has a fair chance – an ‘Insider’s edge’ to land the job of their dreams.”

Aziz leads an active life – adding professional speaking engagements and enjoying nightlife in almost any “big city” to his already busy schedule. He was an honor student who attended Columbia University and The University of Delaware.

Michael Pupillo, Founder / CFO

Michael PupilloMichael Pupillo possesses an extensive network system and web-based development history supporting global corporations, as well as his own successful technology company. In his key, behind-the-scenes role at careerSHOUT!, he is responsible for making your user experience easy and enjoyable, while maintaining the hi-tech intricacy of the tools we offer. In short, Michael is “the man behind the curtain” – our own Wizard of Oz! Without him, we could not bring careerSHOUT!’s unique and crazy plans to fruition. On top of all this, Michael also effectively mobilizes his project management skills to drive our team to success.

Like many people, Michael used to think that his personal career path was managed by others. Once he realized it was up to him to ensure he achieved his own career goals and success, he has turned into a bit of an evangelist, ensuring that everyone he touches (in person, or through our website) has the benefit of this insight, along with the help to achieve their own goals!

Although he has lived all over the world, Michael’s mantra is, “There’s no place like home.” There, he enjoys his two dogs, one cat and “an extremely loud” bird that likes to steal the spotlight, particularly when he’s on a call!

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