Dan Ridge, Director of Alliances

Dan Ridge is careerSHOUT!’s Director of Alliances, boasting a long list of job and hiring search accomplishments. He has been involved in the recruiting and retention business for most of his working life with established companies, as well as start-up ventures, guiding them to identify opportunities, acquire the right talent and then delivering solutions that significantly impact their success. Prior to joining careerSHOUT!, Dan spent his career building a network of contacts that will benefit all careeSHOUT! members.

As an HR visionary, Dan’s ability to deliver innovative solutions is reflected in his position as “Chief Star Gazer” at 5 Star Consulting Group. He is part of 5 Star’s successful group of talent acquisition, retention and right-sizing consultants who can help any organization with recruiting and talent issues. He has earned his title by exhibiting the unique ability to create and uncover hidden opportunities.

Dan loves to cook and is an avid reader of mysteries and business books (at times he thinks they are in the same genre.) He often fills his days by participating in webinars and writing blogs and will readily share his experiences and thoughts on job and career issues with just about anyone who is willing to listen.

Kristi Tyner, Director of Product Marketing and Press Relations

Kristi TynerKristi brings over a decade and a half of marketing communications and business development experience to careerSHOUT!. Her experience includes a broad range of both business and consumer-focused organizations in the retail, service and software industries. Throughout her career Kristi has implemented a combination of successful, national media relations programs, social media, events and customer outreach campaigns designed to engage media partners, educate customers and generate long-term organizational growth, earning her a second title here at careerSHOUT! – our own “Marketing Maven”!

One of Kristi's many talents is cultivating strong customer intimacy and partner alliances – a valued skill in the world of networking, as we continually build and maintain relationships to our members’ advantage. In addition, Kristi has a knack for successfully motivating and managing people, teams and entire partner groups in a virtual setting.

Growing up surrounded by a large family and many friends in the education field, Kristi has developed a sincere passion for learning and teaching others. When you meet her, this is immediately evident – her desire to communicate ideas and concepts is so naturally engaging and interactive, you can’t help but to be motivated toward positive change! Kristi’s interests are eclectic, with her musical taste ranging from rock n’ roll to classical. She also will admit to equally enjoying a healthy debate as much as taking advantage of a rare moment of solitude to “listen to the silence”.

Lynn Baird, Data DIVA

Lynn BairdLynn enjoys applying her 20 years plus of customer service and research experience to ensure our members get the benefit of the most current and leading edge information to help them succeed in achieving their career goals. Throughout her successful career, Lynn has built splendidly cohesive and productive teams from a mixture of both seasoned and inexperienced workers, and calmly managed organizations through unexpected difficulties – no small feat in the service industry, where everything revolves around the unpredictability of people! Creative and driven, Lynn’s ability to adapt and apply what she learns to almost any environment is one of the major benefits she brings to careerSHOUT! and its members.

One of Lynn’s most admirable talents is holding teams together and being able to bring everyone to the finish line together – a most valuable quality and lesson she naturally teaches by example. Lynn has also influenced and motivated those she has worked with to higher leadership, decision making and individual performance. Her positive outlook and unwavering tenacity is both contagious and inspiring.

Lynn looks forward to scheduling special and interesting times with her family and friends, embarking on both unpredictable adventures and treasured traditions. Her love of reading serves her well as our “resident research authority” which provides our team and members with the most up-to-date, critical information to succeed.

Michele Francis, Director Brand Management and Communications

Michele FrancisMichele … or, as we more fondly choose to refer to her, careerSHOUT!’s “Voice of Truth”. Prior to joining careerSHOUT!, Michele spent the last 20 ++ years (she won’t admit to any more!) successfully becoming one of the most sought after client relationship and operations management executives in the staffing industry. From the fast-paced world of recruiting, she transitioned into the universes of supplier diversity and negotiations – making her a perfect fit for developing no-nonsense, results-oriented communications!

Coupled with her extensive staffing experience that renders her valuable for providing “all around” career advice, Michele possesses an intuitive, unique ability to take concepts and ideas and translate them skillfully into writing, unlike most people. When not traveling across the globe for work, Michele aims to seek adventure with her family in at least one new country a year. She relaxes by cooking (her favorite is to make up new recipes and try them out on her friends and family) and power-walking to “clear her head” along the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Rosemary Jenkins, Director of Customer Success

Rosemary JenkinsRosemary is responsible for careerSHOUT!’s Customer Success division. With more than 20 years of accumulated knowledge in both business and academia, Rosemary has developed a “customer-centric” work ethic that is second to none. For example, Rosemary’s prior employers’ testimonials include, “…always goes the extra mile”; and, “She is amazingly likable and inspiring to customers and employees”. Needless to say, Rosemary has proven to the careerSHOUT! team, as well as its members, that you can put yourself in her hands with confidence!

In addition to her unrivaled performance as a customer service representative, Rosemary is skilled at guiding and training students to convert their life and work experience into their resumes and job opportunities. She is pleased to add establishing a community service program for more than 250 trade school students to her accomplishments, as well. Gracious and focused under pressure, Rosemary will ensure your careerSHOUT! experience exceeds your expectations through personalized support and customer service that is truly exceptional. Her innate ability to motivate others in achieving goals they once thought were impossible is contagious…how’s that for a personal cheerleader?

Outside of work, Rosemary keeps herself busy learning new skills and enjoying the natural beauty that the State of Washington has to offer.

Trish Grimm, Director of Training and Education

Trish GrimmTrish is careerSHOUT!’s Goddess of Training…and that’s not just a dazzling title. Over the last 12 years, Trish has created and supported both online and instructor-led training programs, developed sales training for a global Fortune 143 Company, designed and facilitated training classes for metro sales executives, and obtained recognition as one of the top trainers within a respected organization two (2) years in a row. Not only is Trish accomplished in the training arena, but she also achieved “trusted advisor” status with two vice president / general managers – which tells you with Trish at our training helm, careerSHOUT! members can be confident that a highly respected instructor is leading them to success too!

In addition to exceeding all goals she set for herself personally (as well as those for her by others in the business world), Trish has transformed her extraordinary training and recruiting skills to become a sought-after coach within collegiate basketball ranks. A four-year scholarship player for a NCAA Division 1 Women’s Basketball team, Trish was First Team All-MAA, and is very proud to add that she has been inducted into the Fairfield University Hall of Fame.

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