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... give you what you need in order to take control of your career. And do it at a price below what you expect. Expert developed and designed to be simple to use, careerSHOUT! provides you with the 3 things you need most to reach your goal.

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  • Automated intake
  • Basic access to all tools
  • Advice via careerSHARE
  • careerDHARMA rewards program

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  • Enhanced intake with feedback
  • Full access to all tools
  • 2 careerADVISE sessions with careerSHERPAS
  • Enhanced careerDHARMA rewards program


careerDHARMA (free to all members) (currently in beta)

Where else will you get rewarded for managing your career? Our unique rewards program will makes your efforts rewarding in more ways than one! The more you do, the more rewards you reap.

careerSNAP ($99.95)

Designed for people who are frustrated by their current job search, careerSNAP will help you get your careerSEARCH on track.

  • Resume review by a working professional with detailed feedback
  • 2 personalized careerADVISE session with one of our careerSHERPAs
  • Discount on any additional careerADVISE sessions or careerSEEKER membership

careerHELP (prices vary)

We’ve evaluated what’s out there and bring you valuable tools developed by trusted 3rd parties. Don’t worry about wasting time and money - we’ve taken the guess work out of it. We’ve matched them up to when you’ll need them most so, if you’re interested, you can buy them when you need them - all at competitive prices.

A clear path to success

Why waste time getting lost when you can easily reach your goal by following our expert developed careerSHOUT! model. Whether you are looking for a job or trying to be successful in your current one, we provide you with a clear path to success. Our easy to follow steps will walk you through most any challenge you encounter - ensuring that you are focussing on the right things at the right time.

Sound advice when you need it

Everyone has an opinion but who can you trust? careerSHOUT! provides you with access to working professionals who know what it’s like on the inside. Whether you want to know what’s worked for your peers or talk to your personal expert, careerSHOUT! can provide you sound advice when you need it most.


Our patent pending tools have been designed by experts to ensure that you optimize your time and energy. Tools are offered in a basic or full version. Our growing tool kit (all part of your membership package) include:


Designed to provide our members with answers to questions, mock interviews etc.

  • 15 minutes - ($19.95)
  • 60 minutes - ($69.95) 4 15 minute session can be used concurrently.
  • 150 minutes - (149.95) 10 15 minute sessions can be used concurrently

mySTART - our automated intake helps you clarify what you know and what you should be focussed on.

myPATH- Why journey alone? myGUIDE ensures that you know what to do and reminds you to do it. Use it for a month and you’ll wonder how you managed to get anything done before

myCAREER - One place, all your data. Never worry about remembering all your details when you can think about it once, but use it all the time.

myRESUME - Churn out customized resumes with ease. With our unique tool, you’ll be able to customize your resume at the drop of hat. Now you never have to worry about missing out on an opportunity because you didn’t customize your resume.

myEXPERTISE - Get a 360 degree SELF view of what you can do. Through our partnership with Workitect, you can experience the value of 360 feedback to help you better know, market and develop yourself.

myEXPERTISE 360- Get a 360 degree view of what your PEERS think of your experience. Through our partnership with Workitect, you can experience the value of 360 feedback to help you better know, market and develop yourself.

careerSHARE - Networks are essential tools to success, but are you really leveraging yours? Now you can - easily and quickly.

Career tools that really help

Are you wasting time and money doing everything by hand? Our careerSHOUT! experts have developed tools that will really help you better manage your time, focus your energies and achieve results. This way you can get to your destination faster and even enjoy yourself along the way.

And best of all, we offer options tailored to every budget!

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